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      1. Welcome to Website of Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen Energy Technology Co.
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        Hydrogen fuel cell forklift and tour bus

        Fuel cells based on the EOS series can be freely arranged in the power system of touring cars and forklifts. And without any alternations to the original structure, it could replace the original lead-acid battery power system perfectly.

        Hydrogen fuel cell forklift

        Simple structure
        EOS series fuel cells have greatly reduced the number of parts by more than 70%, greatly reducing the requirements for control, and are easy to integrate into end applications.

        Hydrogen fuel cell tour bust

        A better user experience
        1. Long driving mileage:
        EOS series fuel cell application to small vehicles can perform longer and continuous working time, and bring more convenience to the users.
        2. Low noise-level:
        The noise of EOS series fuel cells does not exceed 60 dB during normal operation, which is much lower than diesel engines which could generate 100 dB or even higher noise-levels. Basically, the sound of fuel cell operation cannot be heard while the vehicle is running. Even when idling, the sound is unnoticeable.
        3. Better environmental adaptability:
        The battery life of traditional lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries will be severely affected in high or low temperature environments, while the endurance of EOS series fuel cells has almost no impact in high and low temperature environments.