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        South Korea's production of hydrogen fuel cells for power generation was exported to China for the first time, seizing the hydrogen fuel cell market!
        2021/9/27 14:00:26

        According to the Ministry of industry, trade and resources of South Korea on the 27th, hydrogen fuel cells for power generation produced in South Korea are exported to China for the first time.

        It is reported that on the same day, the commemoration ceremony for the export of hydrogen fuel cells for power generation was held at the headquarters of Doosan fuel cell in Yishan Industrial Park, quanluo North Road. There are four groups of hydrogen fuel cells exported this time, with a total scale of 1.8 megawatts (MW) and a value of US $13 million. They will be used to supply power and provide cooling and heating for seven apartments, 400 households and one commercial building in Foshan, Guangdong Province.

        A relevant person from the South Korean Ministry of industry said that the export is of great significance in seizing the hydrogen fuel cell market. In his speech at the delivery ceremony, park Qiyong, the second official (Vice Minister) of the Ministry of industry, said that in the future, the energy efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells will be greatly improved, and the unit price of main equipment will be reduced to about one third by 2040 through the development of raw materials and parts, so as to provide power for leading the global market.